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The Effect of Climate Change on Groundwater Recharge at Nadi and Kabinburi districts, Prachinburi Province

Patchares Chacuttrikul1 and Supattra Thueksathit1
1Department of Conservation, Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, Chatuchak, Bangkok, 10900 Thailand
*Corresponding author: Email:

Due to climate change problems that affect natural resources in many aspects including soil water storage, thus, this research aimed to study the impact of climate change on groundwater recharge at Nadi and Kabinburi district, Prachinburi province by applying the H08 model, which is a hydrological model, to assess groundwater recharge from climate change scenarios. The results suggested that the current situation, the scenario that increase 10% of rainfall, and scenario that decrease 10% of rainfall, had the 5-year average (2016-2020) groundwater recharge 7.33x10-4, 7.35x10-4, 7.32x10-4 m3/s. The groundwater recharge from the climate change scenarios were slightly increase or decrease, which was an increase of 63.07 and a decrease of -31.54 m3/year, or 0.22 and -0.10% of the average groundwater recharge from the current situation. However, the average monthly groundwater recharge of all 3 situations trended to the same direction. The groundwater recharge trended to decrease from the dry season and slowly increased in the rainy season. Thus, it can be concluded that rainfall affects groundwater recharge but climate change under a 10% increase or decrease in rainfall simulation has not clearly affected groundwater recharge in the study area.

Keywords: climate change, groundwater recharge, H08 model

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